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Jared Rose

Apple Tree Achievement Tutor

BA—Cal State Fullerton

MA—Cambridge College—Massachusetts

Launching his teaching career in Oakland, California, Jared learned many strategies to help struggling, at-risk students succeed. He then taught English and writing in Los Angeles, becoming the literary coordinator–disseminating strategies, materials and advice to other teachers to help them them hone their skills. Moving to Massachusetts in 2004, Jared taught high school English at a k-12 charter school for seven years. He took a leadership role as high school coordinator, gaining invaluable experience working with teachers, counselors, principals and administrators. His last year, he taught special ed high school English.

In Seattle, Jared is taking his patience, understanding and experience beyond the classroom, educating students at Apple Tree Achievement.  Jared also spends his days substitute teaching in West Seattle and teaching chess at various community centers.

Testimonials from Jared’s students and colleagues

“Some of my fondest memories and my most inventive literary pieces were made in Jared’s class and I owe it to his dedication and enthusiasm for the course.”
– Deanna Marshall—Former student–now studies at Northeastern Univ.

“Jared has taught students of various ages, skill levels and backgrounds giving him a wealth of experience in understanding students’ needs, skills and abilities.”
Lora DeSalvo–High School American History Teacher

“Jared is an advocate for his students and thinks of creative ways to help them learn and be successful. These qualities make him uniquely qualified to support children’s academic progress.”
Alicia Scafidi—Adjustment Counselor

“What impressed me the most about Jared were the connections he made with students. He would take immature uncooperative 8th graders and guide them in high school and they miraculously became cooperative and invested students.”
– Ted Hersch—K-6 Principal

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