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Elementary/Middle School                                             $30.00/hr

High School–reading/writing/literature                            $40.00/hr

College Essay Writing                                                     $60.00/hr

All services are provided at my Alki Beach location.  Home or Library sessions available.

The following is a list of areas I have taught and offer tutoring.

Elementary Content Areas (1-5)

     English |   Reading and Writing
     Math  |  all math concepts

High School Content Areas

     English | Reading, composition, writing, World Lit, Brit. Lit, Grammar, poetry.

Middle School Content Areas (6-9)

     English  | Reading, writing, grammar
     Math |   math concepts including Algebra
     History |
World History

Study Skills  |  promote and motivate good study habits, organization, and strategies for success

College Applications  |  College application essays

ESL  |  all levels of emerging English learners.

Specials Needs  |  experience with ADD/ADHD/dyslexia/aspergers/non-verbal learners/depression/mania/low functions/physically restricted.

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Apple Tree Achievement Location

Apple Tree Achievement Center

All services are conveniently offered by appointment at our office in Alki Beach.
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